Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Bag

Sent my sister a little purse for her Birthday in January. I was in such a hurry to get it done and in the mail that I didn’t remember to take nice pictures with a real camera (not my camera phone). Oops. I only had these cuz I wanted to show it off to someone.

It’s got a heavy brown polka dot fabric that for the outer and a smooth floral paisley-ish fabric on the inside. I pleated the outside of the bag and added a re-enforced handle, magnetic snap, and inside pocket to the bag. Finished with a decorative tab with buttons on one side.

Definitely didn’t come out perfect but came out good anyway. She claimed that she loved it :)


Hey Susan if you happen to read this and have any cuter pics you should send them my way! Lemme know if you’ve used it yet :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

I’m still here

I have been up to a few things. A {long} while back I started work on my front living room in my house.  It definitely took me waaay too long to tackle it, but I’m glad I finally did.

This is before we moved it. Not terrible, right? Well if you were to look close there’s random hooks in the cieling, nails in the walls, those curtains are nasty, and there’s a super old wallpaper border around the ceiling. the ceiling is painted the same as the walls, and the room has probably been that odd green color for probably at least 30 years. It was bearable…


After moving in, taking down that wallpaper (that old glue was ridiculous to get down! All the commercial strippers did NOT work, I finally made up my own which worked well. Prepping the walls definitely took longer than the painting), I painted and then made curtains. I also made my own curtain rods because I couldn’t wouldn’t afford to spend over $100 in rods for 2 windows (the big one is 12 feet long). Why didn’t I reuse what was there? Because they were 4 different random rods taped and nailed to the wall LOL.

I got the curtains up just in time for Christmas…

image image

I like how the curtains and the rods turned out. I think the rod looks good, not like something I threw together.




The latest project I was working on was gifts for two mamma’s to be that I work with. They are both due the first part of February with their first little baby boys. I had a little baby shower for them for work people and it was a blast. I didn’t get a ton of pictures because I was so busy getting it all set up and going.


Reese’s peanut butter cupcakes (that is peanut butter frosting, not cookies on top!), and Lemon black raspberry cream cupcakes.


These are delicious caramel peanut butter mini popcorn balls with chocolate butterscotch drizzle.

We also had a veggie and fruit tray, little smokey’s, and lemonade.

I think the highlight was the Hot Chocolate bar, which I sadly didn’t get any pictures of-it really wasn’t dressed up all cute but I had 2 crock pots-one with Hot chocolate and one with White hot chocolate (both from scratch-no powder mix-they were delicious). Then we had a variety of ‘toppings’ to add in such as mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, caramel sauce, crushed peppermint, whipped cream, etc. I think everyone went back for more.

We played a few short and simple games that turned out fun, and the mom’s opened their gifts.

I spend many hours making my gifts for them:

quilts2 quilts3 quilts4

In my rush to get things done I didn’t take any good pictures of the quilts with my good camera. Oops. Oh well. I did everything from choosing and cutting the fabric, piecing them, and machine quilting and binding the quilts. They are far from perfect but for my first two quilts I am happy with them. I think the mom’s liked them too and hope they can use them. I wish you could see the white fabric isn’t plain-it does have these tiny white polka dots on it.

image image

What’s next? I’m not sure, I have a handful of sewing projects and others in mind-so I guess we’ll just have to see!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mom’s Day Gifts

I was able to send some great things back to Idaho for Mothers Day. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of a bunch of Button Towels I sent to Jackie, except some on my phone-but I haven’t transferred them here yet. Other than those, I was able to send these things home:

Camera Lens Bag
My sister wanted something smaller than her big camera bag to carry her extra lens and battery in while she’s out on a photo shoot. So I made this little pretty thing up. It’s got a very sturdy outside to hold it’s shape.



There’s a cute pink layer to the flap on the inside. There’s a padded individual case for the lens and some little pockets that are hard to see for the battery and cards.



I also sent her a matching camera strap!


Pot Holders
My mom told me to not get her anything for Mothers Day. She would rather I save money for whatever we need. I know she’s been needing some hot pads so i used this opportunity to try a new idea with them, used some scraps and the same insulated batting (2 layers) to make her these. They are nice and thick and a little bigger than most to give her plenty of room to use them. She’s lost most of her sight so I wanted them nice and big and no chance of anything getting too hot while holding it. She was surprised and very excited to get them!



Monday, March 28, 2011


I finally got some gifts sent to my friends Seri & Matt for their new baby. I didn’t want to post them until they got the package-which lived in the post office a few days waiting patiently :)

Their theme is mario for the baby’s room. Along with some burp cloths and baby hats was this:

Bag and Mario softies!


I’ve heard they like them! I hope so-I thought they were cute.


I packaged up the gift set and typed up the description of each item with pictures. I hope it sells! April 9th is the day…

There IS another thing I am dying to share----but it must wait until my sister gets it :) I just made it today-and hope she loves it! Watch for it here soon…

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It’s ready!

My flirty Kitchen set is done :)


I wrote a summary of the items that I will send with them so they can put up as much information as they want… I’ll copy it here and add some pictures

Flirty Kitchen Set

Perfect for any woman needing a little refreshing in the kitchen! Remember-Mother’s Day is only a month away!

This matching set features a table runner, a set of two pot holders, a full front apron, and a set of two button-down kitchen towels.

All items are the original design of Michelle Bell and were made using high quality Heidi Grace designer cotton fabric. Everything is hand made, machine washable, and comes from a smoke free home.

Table Runner: Measures 36”x12” perfect to add some charm to any table. Top features random striped quilted pattern and was machine quilted with a meandering stitch through a low-loft premium polyester batting. The binding is hand made and attached by machine. The bottom features a beautiful print and decorative stripe-it’s pretty enough to be reversible!

tablerunnerF tablerunnerB

Pot Holders: Each measures 7”x7”. These two matching pot holders are reversible with the same quilted pattern on both sides. Instead of the typical checker quilting pattern, these were quilted with a meandering stitch to match the table runner. They were machine bound for added durability. With a specialty Insul-bright batting, they are heat resistant and have a nice trim design.


Flirty Apron: This full 25” tall apron will help keep your clothes food free in style. It has a flowing skirt for a fun feminine touch. Long ties make it fully adjustable for your comfort, and the seams are machine serged for added durability.


Button Down Kitchen Towels: Never pick your towel up from the floor again! These towels are perfect for hanging from a drawer pull or oven handle. They’re made with a simple large button attachment, and a layer of fleece in the top panel for a thicker look and added strength. A soft towel is always within reach!

towels2 towels


I am excited by how it turned out. Please try to ignore my crooked cabinet it the above picture…not sure what’s going on there… :-/

What do you think? Are my descriptions okay?

I will soon be done with another project-for a friend. I actually have a giant list of stuff to make that I fear will never end…I just keep adding more and more before I get done what’s already there!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

getting there!

I’ve been busy learning while perfecting my flirty kitchen set for the auction! It has been a lot of fun so far.

So far I have finished the tablerunner and the apron! They are both my original design :)





I need a model for the apron…someone that’s not me! Oh and josh took this pic from the couch-pics at that level aren’t very flattering :-/


Next will be pot holders and button down towels-all to match!! :)